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Certification of integrated management systems.

In earlier and not so golden times, there was only a "top" and "bottom" in companies. Management levels emerged later. The market dictated the outcome. Only with the advent of globalisation did the need for additional labelling arise. The German industrial standard, DIN, found global confidence. It relieved customers of cumbersome inspection procedures. To further simplify it, specialists took over the DIN test activities. They grant certificates for positive results and certify the operation.


Is the provider actually capable of performing
in the agreed manner and amount?
Certificate  DIN EN ISO 9001 confirmed: Yes!

Is the provider capable of dealing with resources
and using materials carefully?
Certificate DIN EN ISO 14001 confirmed: Yes!

A clear "Yes" can only be given it if the requested capability is anchored and maintained in a company’s management system. Therefore, we have integrated this into our operational management system.  Management at all levels are always designees of the certified management systems DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001. Their tasks also include client and supplier relationship management (CRM / VRM), the continuous improvement process (KVPM) and of staff development programme (SYPM).

These management systems offer tried and tested methods to aid successful management. We use them for our own development.

Referring to Gender Pay Gap Report please see below.

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